Civil Law

Compensation / Warranty

You purchase a car and after a few kilometers, you discover that the engine is defective. You have a single-family house built, and after some time, you realize that the roof is leaking. It often happens that the goods or services you ordered do not possess the agreed-upon qualities or are faulty. We assist you in enforcing your warranty claims both out of court and in court.
Apart from traffic accidents, there are also situations in daily life where you can be a victim or the cause of damage. For example, an improperly handled dog, an uncleared sidewalk, or a skiing accident. We help you assert claims for compensation as a victim or defend against them as the party at fault.

Traffic Accidents

Claiming compensation and damages:
A traffic accident often raises many questions. Should I get my vehicle repaired? What will the insurance cover? Liability insurance, comprehensive insurance, or partial coverage – who pays for what? Who will cover my medical expenses? Do I have a right to compensation for pain and suffering, even if I contributed to the accident? How much can I claim? When will I be reimbursed for the repair costs?
In an initial consultation, we competently and comprehensively assess your grounds for claims arising from a traffic accident.

Professional Liability

We regularly handle cases involving professional liability in both active and passive proceedings, regardless of the industry. We often review advice provided by brokers, doctors, tax advisors, financial service providers, and many other advisory professions. Our clients can rely on our many years of experience. We base each process examination on a precise analysis of the facts to optimally assert our clients’ claims. Numerous representatives from the mentioned professional groups are represented by our law firm in liability claims.
Court proceedings regularly attract significant media attention, in which doctors or hospital operators are accused of medical errors and/or failure to inform.

The doctor has the responsibility to adequately inform the patient, providing the patient with the criteria essential for making a decision and enabling them to understand the significance of their consent to treatment. Medical malpractice refers to culpable violations of the main and ancillary obligations arising from the medical treatment contract by the doctor/hospital operator in connection with the medical treatment of the patient.

We offer extensive advice and assistance to patients in asserting their extrajudicial and judicial claims. At the same time, we support doctors and hospital operators in defending against criminal and civil claims. In order to assess your chances of success, we also work with experts.

Litigation / Arbitration

Successful litigation does not begin in the courtroom but requires excellent preparation. To enforce your rights, the step to court may be necessary. We have extensive experience in litigation and pursue your claims with the utmost dedication.
The costs of legal proceedings must be proportionate to the outcome. Comprehensive preliminary advice is intended to give you the necessary security. If litigation is unavoidable, careful strategic planning and preparation of individual procedural steps lead to positive results.

There is generally an absolute requirement for legal representation before Austrian civil courts for disputes exceeding EUR 5,000. We represent clients before all Austrian courts. In doing so, we assert all claims, such as warranty, compensation, and other contractual claims, on behalf of our clients and defend them against unfounded claims.