Public Law

Spatial Planning and Public Construction Law

Often in collaboration with architects and general planners, we provide assistance in building and commercial approval procedures. Our representation includes advising on complex public law proceedings (building permits, zoning) as well as civil law matters (establishment and spin-off of companies, establishment of industrial parks, etc.). We represent the interests of our clients before administrative authorities and administrative courts, prepare written submissions, and conduct negotiations.

Commercial Law / Industrial Plant Law

In all aspects of life, one is confronted with administrative law issues. Whether it’s constructing a house, opening a business, or organizing an event, we provide comprehensive advice and representation in dealings with authorities. Unfortunately, complex administrative law matters often require fighting decisions through multiple instances. We regularly represent clients before administrative courts, as well as the Constitutional Court and Administrative Court.
A particular focus of our consultation lies in the field of commercial law. We have been advising associations on professional law matters for years and accompany companies in complex matters related to industrial plant law. We also provide assistance in obtaining your trade license or individual qualification, in dealing with chambers of commerce and trade authorities, and in obtaining your operational permit.

Administrative Criminal Law

Violations of legal regulations are punished partially by courts and partially by administrative authorities. We specialize in cases involving offenses against traffic regulations or the Road Traffic Act, as well as other administrative matters. Submitting an appeal is both obligatory and essential in our practice!